Optimal Massage, LLC
When you need Optimal Care, Optimal Massage kneads you!

Choose a service to schedule

1 Hour Massage - $95
1 1/2 Hour Massage - $136
2 Hour Massage - $179
Ashiatsu 1 Hour - $105
Ashiatsu 1 1/2 Hour - $146
Ashiatsu 2 Hour - $189
Pranic Healing 30 min - $35
Clear your energy body of old, congested energy and replace it with new vital energy. The focus of this non-contact, energy technique can be general or specific with pre-determined protocols for certain areas and/or disorders. You just relax and breathe while your Chakras (energy centers of your body) are revitalized dispelling negativity and encouraging the flow of healing energy. You may add this before a massage session or schedule it individually.
Meditation with Chakra Balancing 30 min - $35
The focus of this healing relaxation technique will be on the chakras. Chakras are energy centers aligned up the central channel of the body.
This meditation will include deep breathing, visualization and empowering affirmations
along with precious stones and aromatherapy to dispel negativities and encourage the flow of healing energy. May be scheduled alone or before your massage time.
1 Hour Massage with 30 min Meditation or Pranic - $130
1 1/2 Hour Massage with 30 min Meditation or Pranic - $171
2 Hour Massage with 30 min Meditation or Pranic - $214
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